Modern trains for regional lines in the Pardubice Region

On Wednesday, February 14, 2007, Czech Railways deployed two Regional motor series units to regular operations in the Pardubice Region. Jiří Kolář, Deputy General Director of Czech Railways for Passenger Transport, symbolically handed over the semi-low-floor motor unit of The Region’s Deputy Governor of the Pardubice Region for Transport to Ivo Toman directly at the Pardubice station. Together with fellow tourism councillor Miloslav Macella, he wished the new cars many happy “train kilometers”.

“It’s one of the good ways to bring passengers back to the railway. People often complain about the not very good conditions when travelling by train and we now offer them a new, modern and convenient way to travel by rail,” ivo toman said when taking over the new train.

Regionalova units will be deployed in the Pardubice Region at the very beginning on the line from Pardubice via Chrudim to Hlinsko in The Czech Republic, on some connections they will pass through to the neighbouring Region vysočina – railway station Havlickuv Brod. Furthermore, the upgraded unit will be contacted by passengers on the line between Žďárce near Skutč and Polička. In the coming years, when supplying other newly deployed units, their operation is planned on other regional lines of the Pardubice Region, e.g. on the line between Chocní and High Mýto.

The Pardubice Region is already the ninth region where the Regionovy rides. Czech Railways has already put almost twenty partially low-floor units into operation, during 2007 Czech Railways will also deploy a three-car version. It will consist of two motor cars and one inserted with low-floor boarding. This will increase not only the transport capacity, but also the driving characteristics of the train. The price of one unit of Regionova is approximately CZK 20 million, so its price is approximately a quarter compared to similar vehicles of foreign provenance.

Czech Railways is not only commissioning a new train. It also includes a comprehensive concept of promotion of the region, tourism and ecological rail transport called Regional Your Region.

“In cooperation with individual regions, we will use the Regionova unit as a mobile marketing tool – clearly tied to the region in which it transports its passengers. In addition to the already established name Regionova, the units also receive an adjective with the name of the region, the logo of the respective region and the interior will be complemented by information areas with information interesting not only for tourists and visitors,” says Jiří Kolář, Deputy General Director of čD for passenger transport, about the concept of Regionov by your region. In addition to providing regional transport, Czech Railways will offer further added value to the regions – clearly aimed at promoting tourism.

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