The Parduba Social Democrats, the representatives of the city district of Pardubice 1 Jan Tichý and Jiří Komárek and Mgr. Jacek Morávek, a member of the Pardubice City Council, are dissatisfied with the way the city management has selected an investor for the development of Masaryk Square.

“We consider the decision on the selection of the investor and the subsequent course of discussion of the documentation for the construction of the Pardubice Palace to be unfortunate on the part of the city management, irresponsible and in many ways the city or the interests of its citizens damaging, whether in terms of its own sale of land at a disproportionately low (unusual price of 300 CZK/M2), as well as subsequent concessions regarding, for example, the exception to parking – the number of parking spaces (forgiveness of 227 parking spaces), or the tolerance of the gradual reduction of the architectural quality of the building, up to the level of hypermarkets commonly realized on the outskirts of cities,” the joint press statement states.

All three also consider it unacceptable to accept the israeli investor’s efforts to cancel the level crossing on Palacky Avenue near Tesko, whose liquidation was opposed by almost 2,000 citizens.
“In the future, on the contrary, we consider it necessary that the selection of the investor of construction on such exposed areas is conducted in full transparency, preferably on the basis of architectural competition, and that the resulting decisions are not devalued by subsequent concessions,” the press release states.

I think the initiators of the press release are right. But why did they come up with this press release only now that the construction of a shopping centre on Masaryk Square is already underway? I can think of a saying about “cross after funuse” in this context.