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Social Democratic representatives are dissatisfied with the selection of an investor on Masaryk Square

The Parduba Social Democrats, the representatives of the city district of Pardubice 1 Jan Tichý and Jiří Komárek and Mgr. Jacek Morávek, a member of the Pardubice City Council, are dissatisfied with the way the city management has selected an investor for the development of Masaryk Square.

“We consider the decision on the selection of the investor and the subsequent course of discussion of the documentation for the construction of the Pardubice Palace to be unfortunate on the part of the city management, irresponsible and in many ways the city or the interests of its citizens damaging, whether in terms of its own sale of land at a disproportionately low (unusual price of 300 CZK/M2), as well as subsequent concessions regarding, for example, the exception to parking – the number of parking spaces (forgiveness of 227 parking spaces), or the tolerance of the gradual reduction of the architectural quality of the building, up to the level of hypermarkets commonly realized on the outskirts of cities,” the joint press statement states.

All three also consider it unacceptable to accept the israeli investor’s efforts to cancel the level crossing on Palacky Avenue near Tesko, whose liquidation was opposed by almost 2,000 citizens.
“In the future, on the contrary, we consider it necessary that the selection of the investor of construction on such exposed areas is conducted in full transparency, preferably on the basis of architectural competition, and that the resulting decisions are not devalued by subsequent concessions,” the press release states.

I think the initiators of the press release are right. But why did they come up with this press release only now that the construction of a shopping centre on Masaryk Square is already underway? I can think of a saying about “cross after funuse” in this context.

City Hall management overlooks parking problems!

The management of pardubice town hall has recently faced a big wave of criticism. First came the “blaming” of the former mayor of Stříteský about how investors are competing out of interest in pardubice airport, then the footbridge near Tesko came next. This week, jan Tichý, the representative of the first district, sparked a critical wave in the address of the city management when he drew attention to the incompetence of the city in the issue of parking.

Indeed, it seems inexplicable that, although intensive construction of shopping and administrative centres is underway to attract even more cars to the city centre, the number of parking spaces is decreasing. While most major cities try to solve the problem of parking in some way, Pardubic councillors do, as if there is no problem with parking in the center of Pardubice.

Incredibly, the previous management of the city allowed the expansion of the Grand Shopping Center and the construction of a multi-cinema in no parking spaces. However, anyone who knows anything about the relationship between the former mayor and the management of the Prague Real Estate Administration and the hockey club probably doubts whether the interests of the city’s inhabitants are really a priority…

It is incomprehensible that a foreign investor, who is building another huge shopping centre with a multi-cinema in the city centre on Masaryk Square in the place of a former car park with several hundred parking spaces, was allowed to build 200 fewer parking spaces than the original plan. The reason is said to be high groundwater levels. Nowadays, however, this argument should not stand at all, it is certainly not a technically incurable problem.

In the center of the city for several years stands a parking house, which the city first built and promoted with great glory, and now it is half empty. Perhaps the city management should look at at least a little west of our borders, where it is quite common for cars arriving in the city to be led directly into the parking lot by road signs. On the driveways to Pardubice, however, I did not notice any traffic jams that would inform visitors of the city about any parking house in Karlovina or the number of parking spaces.

Instead, the management of the town hall allowed parking of dozens of cars free of charge in the mud between the polyclinic and the telephone exchange on Masaryk Square, and hockey fans are even more accommodating to the city by allowing them to park for free on the backbone roads in the city center at the time of the hockey match. Doesn’t that seem like discrimination against other people who don’t travel to hockey with their cars? Why do others have to make their way through the city in motorcades and pay for parking during hockey?
The expert marvels, the layman wonders…

Miroslav Hanzelka celebrates his birthday in Pardubice

Miroslav Zikmund, who travelled the world in Tatra cars in the middle of the last century, will celebrate his 88th birthday in Pardubice on Wednesday, February 14. Their expeditions resulted in a number of eye-catching travel reports and many photographs. Black and white photographs from the travels of the famous couple Hanzelka and Zikmund will be exhibited from 14 February to 15 April in the premises of the East Bohemian Gallery of Pardubice in The House near Jonah. On Wednesday afternoon, those interested can also see the cars with which Hanzelka and Zikmund conquered the world on Pernštýn Square.

“A collection of 284 photographs from both expeditions by Mr. Hanzelka and Mr. Zikmund was created in 2003 for an exhibition in Pilsen. Since then, she has traveled to many cities, for example, she came to Pardubice from Košice. Everywhere she had great acclaim and broke visitor records,” said radovan Kodera, curator of the exhibition. Many of the images that the creators have included in the collection have never been published before. “The exhibition is a great event, as it presents both masters not only as travelers, but especially as important photographers, to which they undoubtedly belong”, added the curator.

On their first expedition, friends Hanzelka and Zikmund went 60 years ago. Between 1947 and 1950, they toured Africa and South America in the Tatra 87, and from 1959 to 1964 they toured Asia, Australia and Oceania. Because of criticism of economic and social decline in the then Soviet Far East, they were banned from travel since the early 1970s. Until then, however, Hanzelka and Zikmund had visited more than 100 countries together. They wrote a number of books and made four feature films and about 150 short documentaries. Their travelogues have been translated into eleven languages.

Miroslav Zikmund arrives in Pardubice on February 14 by train. However, the Tatra 87 will take it from the station with all its glory, which is an exact copy of the car that Czech travellers have travelled through Africa and South America. “Tatra 805 will be waiting on Pernštýn Square. It’s one of two cars they used in their second expedition. Around 1990, Karel Loprais discovered its wreck somewhere and repaired it to its original form at its own expense,” added Radovan Kodera..