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If you choose good products you can also manage menopause

You do not have to suffer from climacteric problems

Did you reach the age of 50?  Do you see that you have dry sensitive skin wrinkles deepen do you start to gain weight?  Are you bothered by uncontrollable mood swings that sometimes grow into depression?  Are you losing your desire for sex?  Then you just reached a life period called climacterium.
Herbs vitamins fruits vegetables to help fight the climacterium

Typical for climacterium is that the body gradually stops forming the estrogen hormone in the ovaries.  This brings not only the aforementioned problems but also many serious health risks such as osteoporosis and spontaneous leakage.  Climacterium however can survive today without serious symptoms.
Help from nature

There are plants that have a beneficial effect on restoring hormone production in the body.  One of them is Peruvian watercress whose highly concentrated extract is part of our preparation.