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Have you ever heard the term?  If you have a website or understand computers you know what it means.  Are you a layman?  Would you like to know what it is?  We will try to tell you as best and as quickly as possible.

Linkbuilding is the activity that fits into internet marketing.  Do you want to have a lot more visitors on your site than before?  That's right.  But how to do it?  You have to move to the top of the search it will surely increase.  Building back links will certainly help you.  Links should be placed on a thematically similar site somewhere in the text.
Linkbuilding will come in handy

A big percentage of linkbuilding is competition analysis.  He can negotiate with owners of similar sites.  It also keeps the site up to date and looks for some friendly websites.  Try to create a "website" and see that it's pretty easy.