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We don't just have to drink or archive wine. can also be used in the kitchen to prepare a variety of dishes. We should remember that if we cook with wine, we always add it to the finish of the final taste to preserve its aroma.

Did you know that even wine can have its diseases and defects? Wine disease is a state of wine caused by microorganisms. These include, for example, bitterness, wine-making, mouse, octavite, cross-breeding, milk and mannit fermentation or degeneration. A defect or lack of wine is understood to be an undesirable change due to technological, physical or chemical interference. These include browning, black and white cataracts, crystalline haze, match, but also undesirable wine flavors such as acetone, yeast, mold, wood and cork. All these illnesses and defects will help you to clarify the wine expert.

The Ten Commandments

Just as there are the Ten Commandments of God in religion, even in the wine faith people have devised the Ten Commandments of Wine. It is the use of ten glasses of wine, as well as what happens to you after each glass.